BASSOON competition just began

Yesterday, on the 6th May, we were happy to welcome in Prague 34 contestants of the BASSOON category, taking part in the 73rd International Music Competition Prague Spring. Over the next few days, the participants are going to compete for the title of the laureate. The musicians come from the following countries, listed in alphabetical order: Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Venezuela. The contestants were admitted to the Competition based on the results of a previous round which took place in 2020. Because of the epidemiological situation, the event had to be postponed to the year 2022, hence the change in the age limit – risen from 30 to 32 years of age.

The evaluation of the musicians is on behalf of well-known bassoon maestros, forming the jury. The place of the chairman belongs to Carlo Colombo. The remaining jurors are Bence Bogányi from Hungary, Ole Christian Dahl from Norway, Richard Geller from Austria, Jaroslav Kubita from the Czech Republic, Laurent Lefevre from France, and Matthias Rácz from Germany.

The opening ceremony took place in the presence of all contestants and jurors in the Martinů Hall at the Prague Academy of Music. The contestants drew the numbers under which they will perform until the end of the competition.

The first round commenced today, on the 7th May, at 9 o´clock in the same Hall as the Opening Ceremony and will continue until the late evening of Sunday, May 8th. The compositions to be heard are chosen from the works of Zdeněk Šesták and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

You can get the tickets on the spot or via the Festival web page.

The schedule has just been published on this very site.

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