CLARINET competition begins!

The opening of the CLARINET category, which took place on Friday, May 6th, was soon followed by yesterday´s opening of the clarinet category. The total number of 29 participants from 13 countries arrived in Prague. The represented countries are the following (listed in alphabetical order) : The Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, Italy, Israel, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russia, Tchaj-wan and Slovenia. Due to the unexpected event of the covid-19 pandemic, the Competition, originally scheduled for 2020, had to be postponed to this year.

The place of the chairman of the jury belongs to Harri Mäki from Finland, a renowned clarinet player. The jury is further represented by Nicholas Cox from The United Kingdom, Igor Františák and Vlastimil Mareš from The Czech Republic, Michel Lethiec from France and Masatoshi Tanaka from Japan. The place of Johannes Gmeinder from Germany, who couldn´t attend the competition due to health reasons, is held by Kateřina Soukalová Váchová.

During the opening ceremony, all the contestants drew their numbers, under which they will perform throughout the whole duration of the Competition. Since May 8th, the musicians are performing at Národní Dům Vinohrady, where you can hear them until the evening of May 9th. You are all kindly invited to attend and listen to the compositions by Igor Stravinsky and Carl Maria von Weber.

The tickets are available either in place or on the festival web page.

The schedule has just been published on this site.

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