Instruments and dates

The 71st annual Prague Spring International Music Competition, a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva, will be held from 7 May until 15 May 2019 in Prague for the instruments OBOE and FLUTE.



Conditions for Participation in the Competition

The competition is intended for artists of all nationalities who:

a) satisfy the age limit – 30 years (i.e. those who are born after 7 May 1989 inclusively)
b) have not already won the 1st prize in the Prague Spring International Music Competition in the relevant instrumental field

Application deadline 1 December 2018

The decision on admission to the competition will be release by 20 January 2019 at latest. The chosen competitors will receive a notification by email. Following receipt of the admission confirmation, the participation fee of EUR 80 must be transferred to the competition account at latest by 15 February 2019.

The accepted candidates will then be sent a letter with complete information concerning the holding of the competition as well as the sheet music for the commissioned piece.

Neither the registration nor participation fees cannot be refunded should the competitor be prevented from attending, or should he or she cancel his or her participation.

Attach to the application:

  1. unedited video recordings in the format avi, mov, mpg, wmv, mp4, mkv or a DVD of high technical quality of the compositions listed in the “Competition Repertoire” section of these General Provisions.
    The quality of the recording must meet professional standards. The selection of candidates who will be able to participate in the competition in Prague will be made on the basis of this recording. Recordings will be heard anonymously and in random order. The recordings must be uploaded separately, each into a different file.
    Then upload them to YouTube or any cloud server (Dropbox, iCloud etc.) and provide the link into your application. If you do not comply with the programme requirements for the recording, you will be disqualified.
    A recording need not be sent by applicants who have won 1st prize at selected competitions – see the “Competition Repertoire” section.
  2. a statement from a pedagogue or other person of artistic standing (e.g. a recording engineer) guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the recording
  3. a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or proof of identity
  4. a portrait photo suitable for reproduction (min. 1 MB and 300 dpi). Upload the photo and send it online together with the application or burn it onto a marked CD. Name the file of the photo with your full name
  5. a receipt for payment of the administrative fee (for costs associated with registration and the preliminary round) in the amount of EUR 30 into the “Prague Spring” account no. 3633372/0800 at the bank Česká spořitelna, IBAN CZ64 0800 0000 0000 03633372, B.I.C. GIBACZPX (applicants wishing to render payment in the currency CZK will find information about payment on the website in the Contact section). The administrative fee can also be paid online directly through the application form by using the PayPal service ([email protected])

Audio-visual materials

By submitting a registration form, participants give consent to the production of recording any audio-visual materials from their participation in the competition and its publication, typically in the news coverage of the competition or by media partners of the competition. Owners of such materials are the Organising Body or its media partners as the producer of such materials.

If participants of the competition receive such audio-visual materials, they shall be obliged to use them only for their personal, educational, non-commercial and non-public purposes.

Any radio or television broadcasts and recordings of competition performances are at the disposal of Prague Spring and serve for the promotion of the competition.The possible commercial use of these recordings shall be the subject of future negotiations.

Both fields – piano accompanists

Official piano accompanists are available at no charge on request in the application form. Participants may bring along their personal accompanist at their own expense.

Oboe – harpsichord accompanists

The following pieces – Sonata for Oboe and Continuo in C minor RV 53 by Antonio Vivaldi (Round I) and Concerto No. 11 by François Couperin (Round II) must be played with a harpsichord accompaniment. Official harpsichord accompanists are available at no charge on request in the application form. Participants may bring along their personal accompanist at their own expense.

The competition will take place in three rounds, and the number of candidates is limited. For both instruments, the maximum number of Round I candidates is 50, a maximum of 12 candidates will advance to Round II, and 4 candidates will advance to the finals.

The commissioned piece for the 2019 Prague Spring International Music Competition by a Czech composer will be sent to the candidates together with instructions for competitors.

The competition repertoire stated by the candidate in the application is binding and cannot be changed. Later changes or failure to comply with the compulsory repertoire are grounds for disqualification. Candidates must bring printed music with them and present it on demand.

All three rounds of competition performances are public.


All travel and accommodation expenses through the holding of Round I are paid by the candidates themselves.

Starting in Round II, the candidates will receive paid accommodation in a hotel selected by the competition organizers for the duration of their own active participation in the competition. The prizewinners will receive paid accommodation up to the day when the prizes are presented to them.

If a candidate secures accommodation other than those determined by the competition organizer, Prague Spring will not pay for such accommodation.

Competition terms and conditions (download)





Competition Office
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