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Isabelle Faust

Bach’s complete solo violin sonatas and partitas

Date of Event

Saturday, 18. 5. 2019 from 19.00
Expected end of the concert 22.00


800 - 1 200 CZK Sold out


  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo BWV 1001–1006


  • Isabelle Faust - violin

I would definitely want to experience Bach and his ways of writing, reasoning, thinking music. It’s hard for me today to imagine very clearly Bach’s state of mind when he wrote the sonatas and partitas for solo violin. How in the world he got the idea to write for a solo violin in an unheard of polyphonic way like he did,” German violinist Isabelle Faust confided to The Guardian in April 2017. She recorded the complete Bach sonatas and partitas for Harmonia Mundi in 2010–2012 and the recording remains on the label’s bestseller list to this day.

In June 2013 the editor-in-chief of Harmonie magazine ended his glowing review of her recording of Bach sonatas and partitas with the words “[…] If only a Czech promoter found the courage to invite Isabelle Faust to perform the entire cycle!”. However, he wasn’t to know that his wish would, in fact, be fulfilled, and this during her festival debut at the Prague Spring.  Festival concertgoers will experience the supreme craft of Isabelle Faust in its most exposed form: just Bach and Faust.

Isabelle Faust fascinates audiences with the superb tone of her famous Stradivari, and she is recognised for her meticulous exploration of every piece. She isn’t content with printed music alone; she studies autographs, she reads composers’ correspondence and other documents in order to absorb the creative process and to come as close as she can to what the composer intended. She is always questioning herself, she maintains an open mind and possesses a great artistic curiosity.

All of her recordings have received awards, in many cases, multiple awards; more recent accolades include Gramophone magazine’s “Recording of the Year” 2017 for her recording of Mozart concertos with Il Giardino Armonico and Giovanni Antonini. Of her outstanding earlier recordings for harmonia mundi we could mention the Beethoven and Berg violin concertos, which the artist recorded with Claudio Abbado.

Faust is a big fan of vinyl recordings and she admires Duke Ellington. If she had the time to learn another instrument she would choose the natural horn, the English horn or the bassoon. “Whenever there’s an English horn solo in one of the big symphonies it gives me goose bumps,” she told The Guardian.