J. J. Big Band J. J. Big Band J. J. Big Band
Basilišaj Zasmušilý
Křídlatec Rudolfinský
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J. J. Big Band

This concert is held as part of the Sport Expo trade fair


In association with the RunCzech


Date of Event

Saturday, 5. 5. 2018 from 11.30
Basilišaj Zasmušilý
Skarabrnkus Iberský


J.J. Big Band will perform as a part of the Prague Spring music festival on 5 May at 11:30 to start an “hour’s run” within the Run Czech series. This strongly motivated and experienced team under the management of expert coach Jan Karez will hit the ground running straight away with the first song Runaway Baby to start the next curve with Ray Charles’ Let The Good Times Roll… Then our “sportsmen” will slow their pace a bit to the tempo of the song Noc, nebo den, with which they crossed the finish line firstin an international competition, and they will get their breath back and play the famous tune The Way We Were, this time without Barbra Streisand, but with an interpretation by our great bone-athlon medal hope Martin Hübner. At the moment when the first endorphins start to be released into the bloodstream on the bank of the Vltava river, the lead will be taken over by pacemaker Karolína Vágnerová who says that whoever is closer than 20 meters to her backside is Too Close For Comfort and who will present herself as a beautiful and inaccessible Bond girl with the song Goldfinger. The baton will then be taken over by the French tennis player Hermes Karel, who decided to exchange his position in the ATP rankings for a place in the hit parade, and Mrs. Jones and him are running over hurdles to the finish line at a suicidal pace over Wonderwall as far as Georgia. And as the event also includes the typical Czech pastime of taking a dog for a walk, it will be necessary to get Out Of The Doghouse immediately…

In the home straight, everyone will be treated to a free ear massage with the fitting name of Welcome To The Jungle.


J.J. Big band – a band established more than 20 years ago by the trombone player Jan Jakubec made its debut album in 2010 recorded in the Czech radio studios and has given many live performances. Besides its own events, benefit concerts and performances at festivals, they have participated in performances together with orchestras from Germany in Prague’s Jazz Dock and on the Mystery theatre boat (Divadelní loď Tajemství). Under the management of Jan Karez they cooperate with many excellent instrumentalists and occasionally they accompany reputable soloists, such as Dasha, the holder of the “Thalie” award, American signer Kaia Brown, a dancing club scene star, or Ondřej Ruml, an X-Factor finalist. For the last three years they have been organising a regular event called “Brewin’ To The Music” in the Vinohradský pivovar brewery where they introduce visiting big bands or perform themselves on the first Wednesday of each month.

During its existence the band has been awarded several prizes, the last one being in June 2017, which was 1st place in the competition at the international festival of big bands Kamenice – Děčín – Bad Schandau.



Jan Karez, a conductor, but also a composer, lyric writer, arranger, saxophonist, bassoonist, singer and synthesizer player. In the mid-1990s he started in the iconic acid-jazz formation Plazma, he played in the funk quartet The Fizz, he made his living from playing in musicals, working in the studio and accompanying star singers. He was in the New York Carnegie Hall with the Boom!Band during Karel Gott’s concert in 2005. He has also taken part in other projects, such as Afro-pop with the reggae band Barakaba with musicians from Ivory Coast, Woody & Co. with the British singer-songwriter Ian Wood, ethno-pop with Amirante with the singer Ali Amiri or Latin-jazz with Duende. As a singer he has performed in several parts of the Czech version of Strardance programme and has cooperated with the Mondance Orchestra. He conducted his own orchestra Broadband Unlimited during musical concerts in Prague’s Lucerna music hall and the ABC theatre. Three times in a row, he has won an award with J.J. Big Band in a competition at an international festival.