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Kandace Springs

In terms of genre and style, the music of this 30-year-old singer and pianist is closer to jazz and soul. Last year saw the release of her album Indigo, where she shows more of her soul face betraying the influence of examples such as Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack, Luther Vandross, Eva Cassidy and also Fryderyk Chopin. However, her greatest idol is Nina Simone, whom she is said to resemble, given the breadth of her repertoire.

Date of Event

Monday, 11. 5. 2020 from 20.00
Expected end of the concert 21.55

Event place

Archa Theatre


600 - 900 CZK Sold out

If tickets are re-sold, we will inform You.


  • Kandace Springs - voice
  • Aneesa Strings - double bass
  • Taylor Moore - drums

Kandace Springs (*1989) is a native of Nashville, Tennessee (USA), but her field is not the music that is typical of the capital of country music. The idiom of the thirty-year-old singer and pianist is stylistically closer to jazz and soul.

Already at an early age, she amazed her friends and family with her incredible talent. When her father brought home a dusty old upright piano from a friend who was moving to a smaller house, he discovered that he had a prodigy at home. His little girl immediately began to play the melody of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on it by ear after hearing it as background music in an ad. When her father asked her whether she wanted to learn to play piano, she nodded “yes” enthusiastically. At her first lesson, she could not yet read music, but she was again able to play by ear, repeating a song that her teacher played for her. At her second lesson she learned about suspended chords and swing, and when she asked “what’s that?”, she was told it was jazz. Her father further expanded her musical horizons by supplying her with recordings of musicians like Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, and George Shearing, but above all Nina Simone. When her father’s friend took the piano back, her mother bought her an electronic instrument, on which her daughter was able to play pieces by Chopin and Liszt, again just from hearing them. At the age of fourteen, she got her first piece of sheet music, and in less than a month she had mastered Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu.

At the time, she was making extra money by parking the cars of country music stars at Nashville’s Renaissance Hotel, and she also started singing. Her father sent her recordings to the producers Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, who have worked with starts like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, and they came up with a plan to make Kandace into an r&b and pop music star. David Foster, the former director of the Verve Music Group, also showed interest in the talented girl, as did the famed producer L.A. Reid, and Epic Records promised her success on the pop market. In the end, however, Kandace politely turned down all of those offers when Blue Note president Don Was promised her that the his firm would support the development of the jazz side of her personality. The result was a signed contract and her first EP simply titled Kandace Springs (2014). Two years later, she came out with her full-fledged album Soul Eyes, which launched her career’s meteoric rise and brought her lots of invitations to give concerts and to appear at festivals all around the world. Last year she made her LP debut titled Indigo, on which she exhibited her more soulful side, marked by the influence of such models as Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack, Luther Vandross, Eva Cassidy, and even Frederic Chopin. Her greatest idol still continues to be Nina Simone, and she is said to share Ms Simone’s breadth of repertoire with songs by the Beatles, classics, jazz tunes etc.

Looking back on the emotional and artistic ground covered by her album Indigo, Kandace comments with satisfaction: I’m just growing. That’s just natural as time goes on. Every time I feel like, ‘Man, this is hard,’ I’ve got to correct myself. Because this is what I’ve been waiting to do. Not everybody gets this opportunity, to go around the world and do these things.”

Kandace Springs will be appearing at this Prague Spring concert in an all-female trio, in which she is partnered by the California contrabass player Aneesa Strings and the drummer Taylor Moore, a graduate of the University of Illinois.