Czech Philharmonic & Tomáš Netopil Czech Philharmonic & Tomáš Netopil Czech Philharmonic & Tomáš Netopil
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Czech Philharmonic & Tomáš Netopil

Opening concert

Bedřich Smetana

Date of Event

Saturday, 12. 5. 2018 from 20.00
Expected end of the concert 21.30


650 - 3 900 CZK Sold out


  • Bedřich Smetana: My Country


  • Czech Philharmonic
  • Tomáš Netopil - conductor
Bručoun Straussův
Skarabrnkus Iberský

Important notice: Tickets cannot be reserved for the opening concert on 12 May and closing concert on 3 June; only direct ticket sales on-line and at sales points will be possible for these concerts.

The main line of the festival’s dramaturgy will be the commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. There will be performances of music by Czech and Slovak composers whose music has resonated on stages around the world, thereby contributing to the shaping of the modern cultural image of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic abroad. In connection with this, we will be remembering Bohuslav Martinů, Josef Suk, Klement Slavický, Pavel Bořkovec, Miloslav Kabeláč, and Eugen Suchoň as well as representatives of the younger generation of composers such as Michal Nejtek, Ondřej Adámek, Lukáš Sommer, and Marko Ivanović.

A Czechoslovak accent will also be reflected in the programmes of the opening and closing concerts. The Czech Philharmonic will perform Smetana’s Má vlast (My Country) with Tomáš Netopil, and the closing concert will feature the Slovak Philharmonic with its new chief conductor James Judd. The programme will present an interesting dialogue between two classics of Czech and Slovak music of the twentieth century – Eugen Suchoň and Leoš Janáček. In many ways, the importance of the Psalm of the Carpathian Land in the shaping of Slovak cultural identity is similar to the importance of Smetana’s Má vlast (My Country) to the unique Czech identity. The composing of Janáček’s Sinfonietta dates from the first decade of Czechoslovakia’s existence.