The postponed bassoon and clarinet competition will take place soon!

The year 2022 brings the long anticipated competitions for bassoon and clarinet. These competitions were postponed in 2020 because the worldwide pandemic made holding them impossible.

The decision to reschedule them was made when the preliminary round was already underway, as the competition committee was choosing candidates to advance to the first round of the competition.

All of the chosen candidates have been allowed to decide whether they wish to continue to compete in 2022. The prerequisite was that they reconfirm their participation. In the bassoon competition, a total of 50 contestants were accepted, and 48 for the clarinet competition. 49 of the chosen bassoonists and 46 of the clarinetists have reconfirmed their participation. Because of the large number of interested parties, the competition committee has decided that it will not hold an additional preliminary selection round for the vacated positions.

The 73rd annual Prague Spring International Music Festival Competition will take place with the same conditions, repertoire, and juries as had been originally planned for the 2020 competition.