Barokní večer Barokní večer Barokní večer
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Barokní večer

Datum konání

Úterý, 16. 5. 1995 od 17.00

Místo konání

Kostel sv. Šimona a Judy


  • Henry Purcell: If music be the food of love Z 379
  • Henry Purcell: In vain ´gainst love I strove
  • Henry Purcell: Music For a While Z 583
  • Henry Purcell: Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move Z 400
  • Henry Purcell: Find me a lonely cave
  • Henry Purcell: See where repenting Celia lies
  • Henry Purcell: Lord, What is Man? Z 192
  • Henry Purcell: An evening hymn Z 193
  • Henry Purcell: The Tempest (Bouře) Z 631: Dear pretty youth
  • Henry Purcell: King Arthur: Fairest isle
  • Henry Purcell: Sweeter than roses
  • Tobias Hume: Solos for lyra viol
  • John Eccles: I burn my brain consumes tu ashes
  • Matthew Locke: My lodging it is on the cold ground
  • Pelham Humfrey: Wilt thou forgive that sin
  • Matthew Locke: Suita pro cembalo č. 4 D dur
  • John Blow: The self banished
  • John Blow: Lovely Selina


  • Catherine Bott
  • Mark Levy
  • Paul Nicholson