75th Prague Spring 75th Prague Spring 75th Prague Spring
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75th Prague Spring

Seventy-five years. That is a respectable accomplishment for a festival of “classical” music. In those 75 years, we have had the chance to attend Prague Spring performances of the greatest global celebrities of music interpretation, but also of young musicians, many of whom may have launched their stunning career at the Prague Spring International Music Competition. It is no surprise to see a music festival celebrate its birthday with a concert.


And who else should perform but those who have helped write its history? Congratulations will be offered by artists who have appeared repeatedly at the Prague Spring and who have, to use a touch of hyperbole, made it their home. But the celebration will also bring together those who have left only a brief yet intense trace on the festival. The musicians will perform both independently and in interesting groups that have assembled for this concert alone. And to top it off, we can look forward to a very special Happy Birthday, which was specially commissioned by the Prague Spring from Petr Wajsar, a composer who has already presented several of his works at the festival in world premieres.


The programme from the Rudolfinum roof is hosted by musician and stage director Ondřej Havelka.


Date of Event

Tuesday, 12. 5. 2020 from 20.00


  • Epoque Quartet - string quartet
  • Pražák Quartet
  • Garrick Ohlsson - piano
  • Gábor Boldoczki - tumpet
  • Bernarda Fink - mezzo-soprano
  • Radek Baborák - French horn
  • Pavel Svoboda - organ
  • Miroslav Sekera - piano
  • Lukáš Moťka - trombone
  • Dagmar Pecková - mezzo-soprano