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Financial Support

The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic has traditionally been a strong financial partner of the Prague Spring International Music Festival, the most important music festival in the Czech Republic. The Ministry also a founder of the Prague Spring, Public Service Company, which was established in 2001 from the transformation of a State Funded Organization of the Ministry of Culture. In November 2022, the partnership was strengthened by a contract, thanks to which the festival will receive an annual sum of CZK 30 million, if all the necessary conditions are met. This greatly assists the festival organisers in negotiating with foreign partners whose engagements are planned for years to come.

Mr. Martin Baxa, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prague Spring.


Years ending in a four have a similar meaning in Czech music as eight years for the Czech nation and state. One such year of four started the tradition of celebrating the Year of Czech Music one hundred years ago. This happened on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Bedřich Smetana. Prague Spring set itself the goal of celebrating the year 2024 not only through the authors of past centuries, but also to highlight the exceptional composers of the present (the festival will include works by Kryštof Mařatka and Miroslav Srnka, for example) and to live in the musical present.

The opening concert, where the emblematic work of the festival, Smetana’s Má vlast, performed by the Berlin Philharmonic and its chief conductor Kirill Petrenko, will be the best celebration of 200 years since the birth of Bedřich Smetana. The partner of the opening concert is the general partner of the festival, the ČEZ Group.

The second project to celebrate Bedřich Smetana is a concert performance of his celebratory opera Libuše, which will be presented in two performances by the Czech Philharmonic with conductor Jakub Hrůša, soloists Kateřina Kněžíková, Adam Plachetka and others.

General Partner

In January 2024, a memorandum on mutual cooperation was ceremoniously signed in the presence of the Minister of Culture Martin Baxa, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Prague Spring, and the CEO of the ČEZ Group, Daniel Beneš. The ČEZ Group thus became the new General Partner of the Prague Spring International Music Festival. This memorandum underlines the importance of corporate sponsorship and social responsibility for culture – symbolically in the Year of Czech Music.

ČEZ Group becomes a partner of the Opening Concert of Prague Spring 2024, at which the Berlin Philharmonic and Kirill Petrenko will perform the emblematic work of the festival Má vlast by Bedřich Smetana.

Festival Partner

We value long-term partnerships, thanks to which the festival can develop artistically and offer the audience the best of the world of classical music. It is this kind of partnership that connects us with the innogy, which we will celebrate the 30th anniversary in 2024 with the festival. We value this exceptional connection very much and look forward to dozens more shared artistic experiences.

innogy is a traditional partner of the Closing Concert of the Prague Spring.

Technology Partner

In 2016 and 2017, CETIN became the General Partner of the festival. Subsequently, it remained in the partnership structure in the position of Technology Partner. CETIN is the initiator of the Prague Spring project in Kampa, where the audience can watch the Opening Concert of the festival in the highest possible quality for almost 10 years. The genius loci of the Kampa park, the mild spring evening and the exceptional music of Bedřich Smetana thus attract thousands of spectators and families every year.

Concert Partners

Subterra has been supporting the Prague Spring International Music Festival for over thirty years. It is one of the longest supporting companies from the private sector. In 2024, it became a partner of the Rhythm and Temperament.  At the concert,  the Prague Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Tomáš Brauner will play the works by Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin and Erich Wolfgang Konrgold. Carolin Widmann takes the solo part in Korngold’s Violin Concerto.

Allianz has become a proud partner of the Prague Spring festival in 2024. This year, it will bear the title of Partner of the concert, specifically of the concert that takes place on May 20, 2024 in the Municipal House. The Filarmonica della Scala will perform with the conducting legend, Richard Chailly.

“Just as important as honouring history is being able to look at the world with a new perspective. I am therefore very happy that Philip Morris ČR a.s. to become a partner of the Prague Spring Debut concert, during which promising talented artists will have the opportunity to perform for the first time as part of such a traditional festival. Openness, personal growth and the support of equal opportunities are the values we have in common.” (Andrea Gontkovičová, Managing Director)

Prague Spring 2024 comes with a great new project for younger audiences and teenagers! SpringTeen, a day full of various workshops and concerts will conclude with an open-air concert in the gardens of St. Agnes Monastery. And it is in St. Agnes Monastery that viewers and visitors will have the opportunity to meet Yumi, a two-armed robot from ABB, which has become a partner in this project.

Media Partners

General media partner

The General Media Partner has been associated with the festival since time immemorial. Every year, it brings its viewers a live broadcast of the Opening Concert, regular daily festival coverage of the Echo of Prague Spring, reports and interviews from press conferences, festival concerts and other events. In cooperation with Czech Television, some exceptional documentaries were also produced about personalities of the world classical music scene – in 2017, for example, a unique documentary was produced about Daniel Barenboim and his production of Má vlast, with which he opened Prague Spring 2017.

Main media partner

Czech Radio – the Main Media Partner of the festival, participates in mediating artistic experiences to its listeners in the form of live broadcasts of festival concerts every year.
Czech Radio is also closely connected with the Symphony Orchestra of Czech Radio, which is a regular guest of the festival.

Exceptional media support for the Prague Spring Festival is provided by the publishing house Economia. In cooperation with Hospodářské noviny, two unique newspaper supplements are also being created, which present individual concerts of the festival or feature interviews with artists or festival organizers. Cooperation also takes place in the online space at aktuálně.cz and others.

Official Car

A fleet of nearly ten luxury limousines, mostly electric or hybrid, cruises Prague every year in May and ensures the necessary comfort for the festival’s artists, and facilitates the logistics and organization for the festival’s organizing team. Every year, Merecedes-Benz becomes a partner of the cross-over concert of the festival, which takes place in the Mercedes Forum in Chodov. This year, on May 23, a concert by saxophonist Camilla George will take place there.

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