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For the first time, an entire festival day will be devoted to young audiences and families. It will feature unusual and varied concerts and creative workshops in the imposing environment of the St Agnes’ Convent and its gardens. Live music will include not only classical, but also jazz, pop and electronic genres. Performers will include the British vocal ensemble Apollo5 and local star Milan Peroutka and Moravia Brass Band under the baton of conductor Chuhei Iwasaki. Music technology and DIY will feature in workshops on making musical instruments from vegetables and pizza boxes. The concerts will be interspersed with interactive moments and with the help of a QR code we will prove once and for all that “every Czech is a musician”. In addition to all this, there will be a diverse accompanying programme where you will be able to create a band using tablets and simple apps or make your own music logo.

Tickets for children up to 18 years of age.
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Good to know:

  • Tickets for paid events can only be purchased online until May 19 at 1 pm. It will not be possible to buy tickets at the venue.
  • Many events are open air, so warmer (waterproof) clothing and blankets or cushions for seating are recommended.
  • Refreshments will be available to buy on site (payment by card or cash).
  • The entrance to the St. Agnes’ Convent is from Anežská and Na Františku streets / map to download
  • It is possible to take photo or video snapshots from all SpringTEEN events. Thank you if you tag your social media posts with #prazskejaro or link to our Facebook or Instagram profiles


Please note that by entering the SpringTEEN event, you automatically consent to the taking of photographs and audio-visual images of you and your children and their publication and use in accordance with §12 to 23 AZ in connection with the promotion of the Prague Spring Festival on the platforms of Prague Spring and its partners.


80 - 150 CZK
19 5 2024
Sunday 14.00


👼 👶 👦 👧 🧑‍🦱 👩‍🦱 Tickets for children – means up to 18 years of age.

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Church of St. Francis

HAMU Percussion Ensemble

A concert not only full of rhythms, but also curiosities from the percussion warehouse and interaction with the audience. You will hear and see buckets, brooms, barrels, rain sticks, flying saucers and singing shells, marimbas and percussion of all kinds and the robot YuMiho. It will be especially enjoyable for younger listeners aged 6 to 12 and their parents, but older siblings won’t be bored either.


15.00 and 17.00
Garden of the Minorites

Prague Philharmonia String Quartet
Veronika Panochová, Roman Hranička 
– violin,
Ondřej Martinovský 
– viola, Judita Škodová – violoncello

A concert in a mysterious garden in Shadowland with musical puzzles and an adventurous quest for clues. We’ll go in search of music not only by Shadowland composers. It will all take place outside on the grass, on cushions and on the walls, with challenges for the restless.

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Monastery garden

Stretch out on a blanket, rest your head on a pillow and look up at the sky. Members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in an unusual line-up will play rock music for you.  


Milan Peroutka
– vocals
Gonçalo Nova – trombone (Prague Spring IMC 2023 Laureate)
Moravia Brass Band
Chuhei Iwasaki
– conductor

Northern Garden

The British vocal quintet Apollo5 has fascinated audiences around the world with their interpretations of classical, pop and jazz music. In addition to their precision performances, they are renowned for their lively rapport with audiences. On stage they will encounter the popular actor Milan Peroutka, and will be accompanied by the spirited Moravia Brass Band. The young conductor Chuhei Iwasaki will take the baton, and in addition to classical music, they will also venture into film music – and indeed there is a film-music feel to the trombone concerto Colors by the Belgian composer Bert Appermont, which will be performed by the winner of last year’s Prague Spring International Music Competition, the Portuguese trombonist Gonçalo Nova.



Monastery garden

Everything around us under the lens of a microscope and telescope in a screening with live music. Peer into the very structure of things, of plant life and microscopic animals, and discover hidden beauty. We’ll fly through neighbouring galaxies and the colourful vortexes of black holes.





Church of St. Salvator


15.00 and 17.00
Monastery garden

How do you make an oboe from a carrot, a bassoon from an eggplant and a flute from a cucumber? And what other instruments can you build from things that grow in the garden?

In the workshop we will drill, cut, carve, shorten, taste and try to get the sound out of it. Let’s see who will succeed. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, children and adults.

Children under 12 years old only in the company of a parent. (choose the Child with Company ticket).

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15.00 and 16.00
Garden of Eden

Pizza boxes are a common waste item in many households. What if we could make it produce sound?

Turn it into a medieval lyre or a gramophone, or a trumpet! We’ll also need some other apparent leftovers from dinner, like Chinese chopsticks or extra napkins. Suitable for Italian music lovers, children and adults.

Children under ten years old only if accompanied by a parent.

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15.00 and 17.00
Ceremonial Hall

As a DJ, you will compose music from sounds, samples and loops, as well as record and improvise with an entire band.

Bring your own instrument or borrow one on the spot. Improvising together will create a unique recording of electronic fusion with classical and surprising instruments.

This experimental workshop is suitable for ages twelve and upwards with only a modicum of musical experience.

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16.00 and 18.00
Church of St. Francis

If you only know the drum kit, be assured that this will be much more interesting. An improvisational drumming workshop where you will try out an incredible variety of percussion instruments and all sorts of junk and play not only African rhythms together.

Suitable for older children and adults.


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