2019 Prague Spring International Music Competition – application deadline

There was truly great interest in the Prague Spring competition – 404 applications were received from 49 different countries. This year for the first time, it was possible to submit an application entirely electronically. There is an interesting statistic connected with this – nearly 90% of the applicants submitted their applications during the last two days before the deadline.

Applications were received from 186 oboists from 36 countries. The largest number of applicants came from Japan (22) closely followed by South Korea (21). The Czech Republic will have nine competitors in the preliminary round. Besides the countries that are usually represented, this year there will be competitors from some places that participate less frequently – talented musicians have applied from Bolivia, Iran, Columbia, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan.

218 flautists from 38 countries have entered the competitions, including entrants from South Africa, Chile, and Singapore. In accordance with the trend in recent years, the largest number of applicants is from South Korea (35). In second place is France with 22 applicants. We have received 17 applications from the Czech Republic.

The preliminary round will take place in early January. The competition committee will listen to the submitted recordings and choose approximately the 50 best competitors, who will be invited to the first round, which will take place in May in Prague. The results of the preliminary round will be made public on 20 January on the Prague Spring website.

Detailed Statistics


Bolivia (1), Brazil (1), Czech Republic (9), China (12), Estonia (1), Finland (1), France (14), Georgia (1), Hong Kong (1), Iran (1), Italy (12), Israel (2), Japan (22), South Korea (21), Canada (1), Columbia (3), Lithuania (1), Mongolia (1), Germany (9), the Netherlands (1), Norway (2), Poland (11), Portugal (6), Austria (1), Russia (8), Slovakia (1), Spain (13), Sweden (1), Switzerland (2), Taiwan (12), Turkey (1), Ukraine (1), USA (2), Uzbekistan (1), United Kingdom (3), Venezuela (6)


Belarus (1), Brazil (1), Bulgaria (1), Czech Republic (17), China (9), Chile (1), Croatia (4), Denmark (1), Estonia (1), Finland (3), France (22), Hong Kong (1), Italy (12), Japan (8), South Africa (1), South Korea (35), Canada (1), Kazakhstan (1), Latvia (1), Hungary (7), Germany (13), Norway (3), Poland (9), Portugal (6), Austria (3), Romania (1), Russia (11), Singapore (2), Slovakia (2), Slovenia (5), Serbia (1), Spain (10), Sweden (1), Taiwan (12), Ukraine (1), USA (6), United Kingdom (1), Venezuela (3)

Cooperation and Support

The Prague Spring International Music Competition has enjoyed many years of support from important institutions. Without their support, realisation of the competition would not be possible. We would mention in particular grants from the Czech Ministry of Culture and the City of Prague.

Other partners offer the competition laureates prizes or offers of concert performances.

One of our traditional partners is the glass manufacturer Moser, which gives our laureates beautiful crystal prizes. Czech Radio records the second round and the finals, and it arranges studio recordings for the most successful laureates. Other partners are the Czech Centres, which offer a residency to the most successful Czech contestant at one of their European locations, the music publisher Bärenreiter, which awards music that it publishes, the Bohuslav Martinů Foundation, which offers a prize for the best performance of the compositions of Bohuslav Martinů and also supports the performing of his works at the competition. The Czech Music Foundation gives a prize for the best performance of compositions written for the given year’s competition. Mercedes Benz lets the most successful Czech laureate borrow a car for half a year. The youngest competition participant is supported by the Artists’ Life Foundation.

The offer of a concert appearance is a very attractive prize for young musicians – first-prize winners are invited to the following year’s Prague Spring International Music Festival. Other presenters who regularly invite laureates of our competition are the festival Ticino Musica International Classic in Switzerland, the Associazione Anna Jervolino Caserta in Italy, and the Konzerthaus Berlin as part of the Espresso-Konzerte series. Competition laureates are also supported by other Czech festival organisers and subscription series.

We greatly appreciate the support of all of these cooperating organisations.