New visual presentation

Prague Spring has introduced its new visual style by the graphics studio Formata. It is an excursion into the miraculous world of musical terminology. Pianissimo, allegro, triste, maestoso and other terms come to life on the posters and evoke the unique atmosphere experienced by every visitor to the festival.

The diversity of the individual moods gives a good illustration of the festival’s programming and of the range of emotions one can experience in music. The viewer gets a playful look at what a colourful experience the festival offers, and at the same time it leaves room for the imagination and for reflection on possible layers of meaning. It demolishes the stereotypical perception of classical music. The clear visual message supported by international musical terminology is well aimed at the festival audience, and it is comprehensible regardless of the viewer’s nationality.

Studio Formata was founded in 1997. Over its more than twenty years of activity, it has handled thousands of orders for important clients in this country and abroad. The visual format for Prague Spring was developed by a team with the members Petr Huml, Václav Machurka, Martin Hanyš, Jana Vinklerová, and Miroslav Klíma.