Revised programme of the Prague Spring Festival

We have put together twenty three concerts which reflect as far as possible what our audiences have come to expect from our festival.

The opening concert on 12 May, and its repeat performance on 13 May 2021, will take place as part of a pilot programme with a restricted number of people who have already received guidance regarding the requirements for their participation, along with new tickets. Apart from the two events mentioned above, all concerts scheduled until 16 May will be held as online broadcasts without an audience. Ticket holders for concerts held from 17 May onwards will be notified via email as to whether their concert will be performed before a live audience and, if so, under what conditions. The concerts given by the Pražák Quartet (18. 5.), Kalabis Quintet (24. 5.) and Marta Kloučková Quartet (29. 5.) will take place without a live audience. Those who have already purchased tickets for concerts that cannot be held in front of an audience will automatically have their admission fees returned to them in full after 4 June 2021.

You can also watch live broadcasts of all twenty-three concerts free of charge on the Prague Spring website.

See below for an overview of the revised festival programme.

For a list of cancelled concerts, click here.

For more information regarding programme changes, which concerts will have live audiences, and how to obtain a refund on tickets, click here.

Yours faithfully,
Prague Spring Festival