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City of the two peaces: The music of the history of Jerusalem

Date of Event

Monday, 28. 5. 2018 from 20.00
Expected end of the concert 22.30


350 - 1 900 CZK Sold out


  • Jordi Savall: Jerusalem


  • Jordi Savall - artistic director
  • Lior Elmaleh - voice
  • Waed Bouhassoun - voice, oud
  • Ibrahim Kamil Birlikay - dance
  • La Capella Reial de Catalunya & Hespèrion XXI
Křídlatec Rudolfinský
Sluchýš Absolutní

The title of this programme relates to the metaphorical name for Jerusalem as “city of two peaces”: heavenly and earthly. Whereas heavenly peace was presaged by the prophets, earthly peace has been a perennial goal striven for all through the course of history. The programme, which brings together Jewish, Christian and Muslim musicians coming from Israel, Palestine, Greece, Syria, Armenia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium, transforms this historic endeavour into the language of music. It all started with Paris´ Cité de la Musique preparing a series of concerts for 2008 thematically centered around the world´s three major monotheistic religions, a project for participation in which it invited among others Jordi Savall. This gave rise to the idea of using music to portray Jerusalem with its complex history, Jerusalem as a place where our civilization´s deficiencies are exposed in all their nakedness, along with obstacles obstructing the pursuit of understanding between the East and West, and as a hub of the fundamental principles governing the spiritual dimension of mankind.

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