Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Tubachovec Bojovný
Paroháček Horlivý
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Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

Haas / Bertelli / Sciarrino

Date of Event

Wednesday, 16. 5. 2018 from 20.00
Expected end of the concert 22.00


500 CZK Sold out


  • Georg Friedrich Haas: Liebesgedichte
  • Giovanni Bertelli: Le premier jour
  • Salvatore Sciarrino: 12 madrigali


  • Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Kornatka Pastorální
Tubachovec Bojovný

The Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart regard themselves not as a choir, but rather as a chamber ensemble consisting of seven solo vocalists. On the Europen scene, they represent a first-rate ensemble specializing in the interpretation of contemporary compositions that make unusual demands and require an innovative, creative approach. The Neue Vocalsolisten will be making their first guest appearance at the Prague Spring festival, and they will be presenting the best of their current repertoire. All three works on the programme were written for the Neue Vocalsolisten and were premiered by them.

In his Drei Liebesgedichte, the leading Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas drew on his vast experience with spectral music in a vocal sextet and created a musical setting for poetry by the German expressionist August Stramm.

In the cycle Le premier jour inspired by the mysterious book Codex Seraphinianus, Giovanni Bertelli works with words taken out of their semantic context, so that their meaning seems to arise from the expressiveness of the vocal performance. Bertelli’s work seems to be made to order for the ensemble, and it presents the entire range of their skills, including musical drama techniques.

The second part of the programme features Salvatore Sciarrino’s lenghty cycle 12 Madrigali, in which the Italian composer provides musical settings in his own unmistakable style for haikus by the seventeenth-century Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō.

The ensemble Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart was founded in 1984, and since then, their members have included a long list of top chamber music and music drama soloists. The ensemble’s core consists of seven voices from a high soprano to a countertenor and down to a bass. The singers of the Neue Vocalsolisten are interested in music of discovery, experimentation, and adventure. Each year, they perform about twenty new works by both established composers and the new talents that they seek out. They establish cooperation with instrumental ensembles, orchestras, and opera houses, and they appear on festival programmes around the world. Together with composers, they explore new sounds, vocal techniques, and forms of vocal expression, as well as contacts with musical drama and opportunities for interdisciplinary combinations. Their quest for discovery in the area of vocal expression has given the Neue Vocalsolisten influence like no other ensemble over the direction of contemporary vocal music and chamber musical theatre.

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