The Prague Spring International Music Competition is extending the application deadline

Because of ongoing limitations in connection with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the presenters of the Prague Spring International Music Competition are again extending the application deadline. The new deadline is Friday, 26 February 2021. “We hope that by that time the situation will be clearer for students around the world with respect to not only the closing of recording studios at schools, but also the planning of international transportation and accommodations in Prague”, says competition secretary Michal Vencl.

The 72nd annual Prague Spring International Music Competition will be held from 6 to 15 May 2021 for piano and string quartet. Renowned artists will be seated on the juries. The chairman of the piano jury will be the American virtuoso Garrick Ohlsson, and joining him will be Ian Fountain (UK), Ivo Kahánek (Czech Republic), Martin Kasík(Czech Republic), Kevin Kenner (USA), Olga Kern (Russia/USA), and Gabriele Leporatti (Italy). The chairman of thequartet jury will be Michal Kaňka, a member of the Pražák Quartet and a teacher at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Other jury members will be Jonathan Brown (USA), Leoš Čepický (Czech Republic), Zoltán Gál (Hungary), Yovan Markovitch (France), Alexander Pavlovsky (Israel), and Peter Schuhmayer (Austria).

The competition will also include masterclasses taught by Alexander Pavlovsky (14 May) and Garrick Ohlsson (17 May). These are open to the general public. Students at schools of the arts who are interested in active participation may apply by writing to the e-mail address by 31 March 2021

Jana Vöröšová and Slavomír Hořínka have written compositions that will serve as compulsory pieces during round II of the competition.