Revised programme for the 76th edition

The Prague Spring International Music Festival has announced its revised programme for the 76thedition of the event, which will take place between 12 May and 3 June. “We have put together twenty-two concerts which, to the utmost extent, fulfil the expectations of our festival audiences – performances from first-rate artists on the domestic and international music scenes, guest appearances from foreign orchestras and ensembles, and the showcasing of young talents. In a situation where cultural life has essentially come to a standstill in the Czech Republic and beyond its borders, we regard this programme as healthily audacious,” states festival Director Roman Bělor

Over the previous months we have closely monitored the development of the pandemic situation, we have been in daily contact with artists and with the relevant authorities, and we have created a myriad of different scenarios. The kind of projects conceived by the Prague Spring, involving major international participation and complex logistics, cannot be halted or set in motion within a matter of days. One month before the start of the festival we consider it fitting to present a clear vision to all concerned, in particular, to our audiences. The programme on offer represents a point of intersection of the best that the restrictions have allowed – not only in the Czech Republic but also with respect to the guest appearances of foreign artists both here and abroad – and the funding options of the festival, given the huge losses in revenue from ticket sales, which covers as much as one third of our costs,” Bělor adds

All concerts will take place in the concert halls in front of a live audience, subject to the measures in place. Viewers will also be able to watch all twenty-two concerts free of charge via live broadcasts screened on the Prague Spring website. These concerts will definitely go ahead, even if they only take place as live broadcasts without the presence of a live audience. Selected concerts will also be broadcast by Czech Television and Czech Radio. 

Through an initiative from Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek, the Prague Spring, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health, is planning a pilot project of approximately four concerts which, on the basis of a special regime and extraordinary measures, would take place in front of a live audience even if the government measures in place would otherwise not permit this. The Prague Spring is also working together with the Czech Philharmonic on this pilot project.

Ticket holders will be informed in advance whether or not their concert is to take place in the concert hall in front of a live audience. The number of people permitted in the hall stipulated by the relevant government bodies will be taken up by ticket holders chronologically, i.e. according to the date of purchase.

The Prague Spring guarantees that admission fees for concerts that do not take place, including tickets that cannot be used due to the limited capacity of halls or their complete closure, will be refunded in full. Ticket reimbursement (also for concerts that have already been cancelled or rescheduled for future editions of the festival) will begin on 4 June 2021. 

We would like to thank all our supporters, whether these are sponsors, public institutions, patrons or ticket holders. We greatly appreciate the fact that they continue to show their goodwill even in these unpredictable times,” festival Director Roman Bělor concludes.