Tour of the residence of the Mayor of the City of Prague

With the kind permission of Mr. Bohuslav Svoboda, the mayor of the City of Prague, on Monday, February 5, 2024, in the early evening hours, we visited the beautiful premises of his residence on Mariánské náměstí in Prague. With the guide, we not only went through the representative rooms on the 1st floor in detail, but we also looked into the mayor’s apartment, including the adjacent apartments for guests.

Residence of the mayor m of Prague is the meeting place of the Council of Prague Spring, public service company. Prague is also one of the largest financial partners of the festival, which is why we considered it important to remind our patrons of the connection with Prague and its leadership.

We are sure that it was a unique experience for our patrons, because the premises of the residence are not normally accessible and it is not possible to visit them. After all, as evidenced by the statement of one of our patrons: “It was a really great tour! So many beautiful things and such a beautiful apartment, actually a residence! Thank you very much for the unique opportunity to visit extraordinary spaces.”