Past concerts

27/05/2022 Friday 20:00 DOX+
Klangforum Wien I.

Neuwirth, Smolka, Iannotta

28/05/2022 Saturday 11:00 DOX+
How to Spring Off?

A panel discussion of personalities of the European contemporary music scene

28/05/2022 Saturday 14:00 DOX+
Reading Lessons
Klangforum Wien

Public rehearsal of works by students of composition

28/05/2022 Saturday 17:00 DOX+
Master Class
Klangforum Wien

28/05/2022 Saturday 18:30 DOX+
Composed Architecture

Lecture given by Petr Hájek, the architect behind DOX+ and holder of the Architect of the Year award for 2018

28/05/2022 Saturday 20:00 DOX+
Klangforum Wien II.

Neuwirth, Rataj, Vítková, Demoč, Heuer, Mikyska