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12. 05. 2018

FRENCH HORN: Finalists announced!

Today, the Round II of the FRENCH HORN category have taken place at the National House of Vinorady, where 12 candidates aimed to get to the Finals. The Finals take...
11. 05. 2018

CELLO: Finalists announced!

Today, the members of jury were carefully listening to 12 candidates, who were chosen to Round II. They were competing to get to Finals, where only 4 participants can pass....
10. 05. 2018

FRENCH HORN: Results of the Round I

After 2 days full of fantastic performances of 44 candidates who were accepted to the FRENCH HORN category, the jury had to choose only 12 participants who will pass to...
09. 05. 2018

CELLO: Results of the Round I

We heard 47 candidates from all around the world in Round I in the CELLO category. Since all of the candidates’ performances were amazing, it was really hard for members...
09. 05. 2018

Watch final rounds online!

via YouTube live streaming.
07. 05. 2018

Tomáš Brauner Standing in for the Conductor Leonard Slatkin

The Prague Spring festival regrets to report that the American conductor Leonard Slatkin has undergone a major surgical procedure, forcing him to cancel his appearance at the concert on 14...
04. 05. 2018

Last Tickets in the Best Categories

We are just one week away from the opening of the 2018 Prague Spring festival, and although the most desirable tickets to a number of programmes have already been sold...
23. 04. 2018

Pioneering efforts

In a year rich with anniversaries, Prague Spring is observing no less than three in a single concert. Immediately following the two opening performances of Má vlast, the Prague Symphony...
21. 04. 2018

It just seemed natural

Chuhei Iwasaki is a born conductor. The first sign came at the age of four, when he was playing violin in a student recital program. Suddenly he stopped, turned, and...
20. 04. 2018

Classical music can be the flagship of understanding and tolerance

Hungarian conductor Iván Fischer is the rarest of classical musicians, known just as much for his fearless political activism offstage as the inspirational performances he gives in concert halls. Case...